Bible Bulletin Boards for Busy Teachers


Hey there, fellow teachers! Have you ever felt stuck, not quite sure what to put on your classroom boards? Today, I’m thrilled to share a couple of Bible bulletin boards that are here to support your teaching efforts and make your classroom preparations a breeze.

Bible Bulletin Boards for Busy Teachers

We understand that as teachers, you have countless responsibilities and limited time to dedicate to creating classroom materials. That’s why we’re excited to talk about these Bible bulletin boards that will make prepping your classroom a little easier.

Our goal is to provide you with resources that are not only visually appealing but also time-saving. We want to help you focus on what truly matters—the growth and development of your students—without spending excessive hours on designing and decorating your classroom.

David and Goliath Bulletin Board Close Up
Letters of Paul Bulletin Board

Saving Time for What Matters

With these new Bible bulletin boards, you can effortlessly transform your classroom into an inviting and interactive learning environment. They are thoughtfully designed with vibrant illustrations and relevant content that aligns with your teaching goals.

With the time saved from not having to create bulletin boards from scratch, you can invest that extra time in researching and preparing thought-provoking lessons, facilitating meaningful discussions, or planning interactive activities that deepen your students’ understanding of the Bible. Your energy can be directed towards building knowledge, providing guidance, and fostering a love for God’s Word among your students.

David and Goliath Bulletin Board Product Image

David and Goliath Bulletin Board

First up, we have the David and Goliath bulletin board. Now, who hasn’t heard of the story of the young man taking on the mighty giant? It’s a captivating story that teaches us about the power of the Lord and faith in Him.

Imagine walking in to every class with a visual reminder of David’s unwavering courage and triumph over adversity. The bulletin board features colorful illustrations capturing Goliath’s intimidating presence and the victory that God gave David.

Letters of Paul Bulletin Board Thumbnail

Letters of Paul Bulletin Board

Now, let’s take a quick glance at the second bulletin board: The Letters of Paul. As faithful servants of God, we recognize the significance of Paul’s teachings and their relevance in guiding hearts and minds. This board is a fantastic tool to introduce your students to the teachings found within Paul’s letters.

This bulletin board comes with 13 scrolls, and each is accompanied by a verse that captures the essence of the book. Review the main ideas of each letter, sparking curiosity and deepening understanding. If you’re looking for a more hands-on bulletin board related to the letters to the Christians, check out the Letters to Christians Interactive Bible Bulletin Board.

Simplify Your Workload and Maximize Your Impact

Remember, as teachers, our ultimate goal is to nurture the hearts and minds of our students. These bulletin board products act as a support, saving you time and energy while creating an environment that encourages exploration, reflection, and engagement with the stories of God.

So, fellow teachers, let these bulletin boards be aids in simplifying your workload and maximizing your impact in the classroom. Spend less time on decoration and more time on what truly matters—bringing the stories of God to life and making a lasting difference in the lives of your students.


Keep teaching, keep investing in your students, and let these bulletin boards be your time-saving companions on this beautiful journey of teaching. I will be adding more bulletin boards to Teach Me Thy Way as we move forward. You can check them out on the shop page!

I hope you’ll find this activity helpful for your family and Bible students! For more Bible resources, visit my shop here! You can also find Teach Me Thy Way on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Please do not distribute your digital downloads to others. Each purchase includes one digital license for the use of a single classroom or a single family home. This practice helps to keep prices affordable for all teachers. Contact me for pricing an organizational license. An organizational license can be shared among teachers of a single school, church, or other organization for the use in multiple classrooms.

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