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Hey, friends! I’ve got something exciting to share with you today that I hope will help your learners with a bit of memory work. I’m thrilled to add our affordable Divisions of the Bible Bookmarks to the shop! These little gems have been a hit on our Teachers Pay Teachers store, and now we’re bringing them straight to our website for everyone to enjoy!

Affordable Resources for All

As a mom and a teacher, I 100 percent understand the importance of providing valuable resources at an affordable price, and our Divisions of the Bible Bookmarks hit the mark! We believe that learning should be accessible to all, and that’s why we’ve made sure these bookmarks are budget-friendly for both students and teachers. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible teacher or just starting your journey, our bookmarks offer a fun and economical way to work on your Bible memory skills.

Divisions of the Bible Bookmark Bundle

What are the Divisions of the Bible?

  1. Law
  2. History
  3. Poetry
  4. Major Prophets
  5. Minor Prophets
  6. Gospels
  7. Church History
  8. Paul’s Letters
  9. General Letters
  10. Prophecy

Divisions of the Bible Bookmark Products

At Teach Me Thy Way, we currently offer three affordable Divisions of the Bible products:

  1. Divisions of the Old Testament: Books of the Bible Bookmarks
  2. Divisions of the New Testament: Books of the Bible Bookmarks
  3. Divisions of the Bible Bookmark Bundle

Colorful and Engaging

Who says studying the Bible is bland? Definitely not us! Bible stories are exciting and colorful, and visuals can be too. Our Divisions of the Bible Bookmarks are designed with super sweet, yet simple illustrations. Each bookmark represents a specific category, making it easier for students to remember and differentiate between the divisions. From the Books of Law to New Testament Prophecy, we’ve got you covered with bookmarks that are clear but visually appealing.

Divisions of the Old Testament Books of the Bible Bookmarks
Divisions of the New Testament Books of the Bible Bookmarks Thumbnail

Printable and Easy to Use

We know that convenience is key when it comes to educational resources, and that’s why our Divisions of the Bible Bookmarks are designed to be printable and easy-to-use. Simply download the PDF file from our website, print out the bookmarks, and you’re ready to go! Our printable bookmarks can be used in the classroom, at home, or even on-the-go. They’re perfect for students and busy teachers.

Divisions of the Bible Bookmark Bundle

Versatile Classroom and Home Use

Looking for ideas? Whether you’re in a classroom or studying from the comfort of your own home, our bookmarks can be adapted to suit your needs. They can be placed in Bibles to mark the 10 major divisions, helping you navigate through the Scriptures effortlessly. Or maybe you just need a quick review? In that case, punch a hole in each bookmark and add them to a metal book ring. Now you’ve got a portable study tool that you can take with you anywhere!

Engaging Activities

Learning should never be a dull affair, and that’s why we’ve come up with some fun ideas to make studying the divisions of the Bible an enjoyable experience. Use our bookmarks for sorting activities during Bible class or at home, challenge yourself or your friends to order them correctly, and see who can become the quickest Bible division sorting champion! Take it up a notch by adding magnets to the bookmarks and create your own magnetic adventure on whiteboards or your refrigerator. Memory work can be fun!


So, whether you’re a student seeking to expand your knowledge or a teacher looking for engaging resources, our bookmarks are here to make your Bible studies a memorable journey. Download our printable bookmarks and let the adventures begin! How do you plan to use the Divisions of the Bible Bookmarks? Drop a comment below or contact me! I love hearing from y’all.

I hope you’ll find this activity helpful for your family and Bible students! For more Bible resources, visit my shop here! You can also find Teach Me Thy Way on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Please do not distribute your digital downloads to others. Each purchase includes one digital license for the use of a single classroom or a single family home. This practice helps to keep prices affordable for all teachers. Contact me for pricing an organizational license. An organizational license can be shared among teachers of a single school, church, or other organization for the use in multiple classrooms.

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