Days of Creation Genesis Game


4 Corners is always a class favorite. The Days of Creation Genesis Game is based on the classic 4 Corners game, and it’s a fun activity that gets students out of their seats and engaged in learning. The objective of this resource is to help students memorize what God made on each of the 6 creation days that we read about in Genesis chapter 1.

What does the Days of Creation Genesis Game include?

This resource is a Google Drive PDF that contains 30 game slides. Each slide contains one vibrant photo of God’s beautiful creation. I love displaying the game electronically, but it can also be printed and laminated.

Days of Creation Genesis Game

How do you play 4 Corners?

To play the Days of Creation 4 Corners Game, each slide contains 4 answer options, and each answer is assigned one corresponding corner of the room. Bible students will walk to a corner of the room to express their answer. Okay, so at times, they may try running, bouncing, or skipping, but you can totally handle that.

There are many ways to play 4 Corners, but I prefer not having players sit out if they miss an answer. Everyone is allowed to continue participating. If you’d like to create friendly competition, you can keep score! Encourage your learners to play individually or assign partners. Allowing students to work in pairs helps new students and those who may be anxious about answering on their own.

Days of Creation Genesis example slides

Ideas for Extra Support

At times, students feel stuck. However, we can help our kiddos recall information with a little extra support!

  1. There are many fun songs online to help with memorization and recall. Sing your favorite Days of Creation Song in order to trigger student memory.
  2. Post Days of Creation visuals in the classroom for your youngest students to reference.

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