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Encourage your young Bible students to participate during church services with the free Worship Notes for Kids or Worship Notes for Beginning Readers.

So, it’s Sunday. You’ve gotten everyone ready, out the door, and to church on time. Yes! You are exactly where you need to be. As adults, we prepare our minds and engage in worship, but it’s so important to find ways for our children to actively participate in worship as well. There are many ways to accomplish this, but children do need to understand that they can love God and please Him- even as young people!

How can I engage my children in worship to God?

  1. Engage yourself, and be consistent in worship. Children learn from our example.
  2. Help them to pray.
  3. Sing with joy in your heart. They’ll learn to love praising God as well.
  4. Prepare them to give to God.
  5. Find ways for them to serve the brethren such as greeting others, writing notes, or drawing pictures.
  6. Take sermon notes to focus on the message.
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Why take notes during worship?

  1. It adds another layer to our learning. Most learners retain more knowledge when note-taking.
  2. It encourages Bible students to focus on the main message of the day.
  3. It helps our young Bible students to develop good habits.
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How to use Worship Notes for Kids?

This is completely up to you! Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Download and print single copies as needed.
  2. Print many copies and add to a binder or 3-prong folder.
  3. Send the file to your local print shop. They can print copies and bind them into a spiral notebook.
  4. Add copies to a clipboard.
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Teach Me Thy Way offers two versions as a free download:

I hope you’ll find these free worship notes resources helpful for your family! For more Bible resources, visit my shop here! You can also find Teach Me Thy Way on Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy.

Please do not distribute your digital downloads to others. Each purchase includes one digital license for the use of a single classroom or a single family home. This practice helps to keep prices affordable for all teachers. Contact me for pricing an organizational license. An organizational license can be shared among teachers of a single school, church, or other organization for the use in multiple classrooms.

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