Story of the Bible Jeopardy Game


The Story of the Bible Jeopardy Game plays just like the popular TV game show, Jeopardy! I’m so excited to share how I use this engaging activity in the classroom.

Story of the Bible Jeopardy Game

Are games effective learning tools?

As both a homeschool teacher and a virtual Special Education teacher, I have never questioned the effectiveness of games as proper reinforcement activities alongside well-planned lessons. Yet, for a time, I questioned the use of game play to support learning in Bible classes. I believe this insecurity came from a place of fear that I would distract from the important lessons from God.

However, much research shows that the proper use of games can easily enhance instruction. They can create a collaborative and engaging classroom experience, especially for students who struggle to focus. You see, games are not substitutes for scripturally-based lessons or other forms of learning! They are supports and reinforcers. Like any instructional tool, they need to be well thought-out and only implemented when they’re relevant to the learning objectives.

Also, game play makes differentiation and modification for special needs super easy. Games increase the likeliness that all students will participate- even those with extra needs. Most of us have been in a classroom with one student who does not want to participate or doesn’t know how to. This doesn’t make the child a bad student. We can meet these students where they are by offering modifications and alternate forms of engagement!

The Story of the Bible Jeopardy Game

This reinforcement game pairs perfectly with our Story of the Bible Review Set and Bible Story Worksheets! Play this game in any whole group, small group, or independent setting to review the story of Jesus. Working with a partner or team can take the pressure off of individual students who may struggle!

The download includes notes and instructions for setup and gameplay. Although, it’s pretty simple if you’re familiar with Jeopardy. The Google Drive slides can be displayed to your students using a display screen, laptop, or tablet. They are pre-linked and ready to go! 

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How to Play Bible Jeopardy

1. Play individually, in pairs, or in groups.
2. Students pick a category and a point value.
3. Click on the chosen box for the question.
4. To see if a student or group is correct, click the checkmark.
5. Click the back arrow on any slide to return to the main board.
6. If the student or team is correct, they are awarded the point value of the question.
7. Use the printable to keep track of answered questions and scores. Mark off category boxes as they are answered.
8. Continue until all questions have been answered. The team with the most points wins.

Story of the Bible Trivia Game Question Slide
Story of the Bible Trivia Game Answer

What does the Story of the Bible Jeopardy Game include?

  • Google Drive Slides with 6 categories: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
  • Scorekeeping Page (suitable for up to 3 players or teams)
  • Directions

I hope you’ll find this activity helpful for your family and Bible students! For more Bible resources, visit my shop here! You can also find Teach Me Thy Way on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Please do not distribute your digital downloads to others. Each purchase includes one digital license for the use of a single classroom or a single family home. This practice helps to keep prices affordable for all teachers. Contact me for pricing an organizational license. An organizational license can be shared among teachers of a single school, church, or other organization for the use in multiple classrooms.

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